Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Blogger's been acting up quite a bit lately. Wrote a long entry last night and another this morning, but neither took. So, you get nothing. On the other hand, Mike now has comments!

So in quick news, I was unfortunately elected president of the history club last night. How dorky can I get, you ask? Even dorkier, I assure. In any case, the process was democratic. Neither Austin nor I wanted the job, so we flipped a coin and I lost. But Austin's a nice guy, so he's going to be co-president with me, in spite of my losing the coin toss.

I'm thinking seriously about grad school again. I need to get my gpa back into the 3.8 range. Don't see it happening with my slacking.

Stress causing eye to twitch. Lovely.

Must run: Anthropology starting.