Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Yesterday was hot. Irritatingly hot. I, of course, didn't check the weather report before I left for school, so I wore a long sleeved shirt. This was a bad move. Not only did it get into the mid-80's yesterday, but I had four hours of class in the only room on the campus without air conditioning.

We also don't have the air conditioning up in the house yet. Oddly enough, mostly because of having a furnace and an old house, I think, we don't have central air like normal people. We have those white trash-looking window air conditioners in every room of the house. But we haven't put them up yet, since yesterday was the first day it was really all that hot. So I turned on my ceiling fan before I went to sleep. But the thing shook a bit, and it rattled. So I got up in the middle of the night and tried to mess with it. It appears that the, um, bulb thing which covers the light bulb was loose. So I tightened the screws and went back to bed. Five minutes later, it had shaken loose again, and it rattled. I couldn't sleep with the rattling, so I eventually turned the fan off. When I say eventually, it should be noted that I tried to fix it probably five more times before giving up and going to bed And as such, I didn't sleep on account of being 80 damn degrees in the house all night. 80 might not seem that hot to some of you. But my mom is from Kentucky, and she turns the heat down to the mid-60's every night. 80+ is about 15 degrees out of my normal range.

So I didn't sleep well. And I don't want to go to school today. But there's nothing new there.

Jody's coming over later. I think we're going to go look at backpacks or something like that. Figure out an itinary and things like that. Hum, I just realize I pronounce that word like "i-ten-er-ar-y;" will have to try to stop that. The mispronounciation that really, really gets on my nerves these days, is when people say "heatherns." There's no r in heathen, folks! My Sociology professor, who's generally a pretty bright guy, keeps saying heathern, and I may go batty over it soon. I have a hard time around people with speech impediments, because I (and most other human beings I think) tend to imitate the speech patterns of people around me. If someone around me has a mispronounciation problem, it generally becomes my mispronounciation problem in a short period of time. There are other common mispronounciation problems around here that drive me insane: "Warshington," "cain't," "li-bary," "schoo," etc. April tells me that I say "Christmas" wrong, but I can't hear it myself. Something about the interaction between the s and the t, I supposedly over-enunciate. In any case, that's getting pretty damn picky. It's not like I'm saying "Christrmas." I think she also hates how I say: "library." She's one of those types who seem to think the 'r' is silent; but it's not, it comes from the same era of Latin that gave us "Libra," and nobody says "Liba" do they? I thought not.

Anyway, I'ma find some breakfast. Sorry this post was boring. I mean, it was fun to write sort of. But I don't suppose anyone cares about the weather in Ohio, or how we mispronounce things here. ::shrugs:: If I only posted interesting things, I'd probably only get to post every couple of months.