Saturday, April 19, 2003

Today turned out okay. Shooting friends and family really does relieve stress. And you know gorging myself makes me happy, so.

I've started to outline my paper. One of these hours I may even begin to actually work on it. I think it'll be pretty simple once I delve in.

Alienation and general anxiety still with me. Has been since Thursday or so. Don't know what's up.

I've been looping the same five songs for the last hour or so: Bob Dylan's Delia; Johnny Cash's Hurt; John Williams' Suo Gan from the Empire of the Sun soundtrack; James Taylor's You've Got a Friend; and the Beatles' Julia.

I wonder if I could've been a great musician had I ever practiced when I was younger. I'm actually not bad so far as raw talent goes. And I'm sort of proud that the other day I had a melody stuck in my head, and I couldn't figure out where it came from, until I realized it was something I'd written on the piano. It always feels good to create something; I don't know why. But there are so many things I tell myself, constantly, that I'll work on someday. But I never do. All weekend too, I've been thinking about how I feel like writing some stuff. But then I never get up the gumption to do it. Maybe if I had a better incentive like a writer's group or something I'd be more inclined to actually work.

We got the air conditioning up and running today, which is happy.

Think I'm going to go work on my paper. Maybe will be back later when I remember how much I hate writing papers. That usually sparks my interest in blogging. Ahh, avoidance behavior.