Monday, April 21, 2003

Yeah, so I was up until after three writing my paper last night. The topic really was easy, but my lack of attention span was making it a truly painful experience. I ended up rewriting the damn thing in forty-five minutes this morning before school. The paper is pretty good, insofar as argument goes. But after I was at school, I noticed three typos on my hard copy, which is bad. But it can't be helped. And if you consider the difficulty of writing a seven page paper, in forty-five minutes, on five hours of sleep, if the worst thing you've done is make three typing errors, you really haven't done bad. I'm a little irritated with myself because I procrastinated so much; but I'm happy on the whole because it really is a fairly solid paper. Though this will come off as incredibly arrogant, I know, I've found that even my worst efforts in writing are still superior to the efforts of most of the poor kids in my writing classes. I feel like a bit of jerk knowing that I'll get an A on a paper that took me forty-five minutes to write, when other kids will barely eek out C's on stuff that they've been working on for weeks. But hey, get me in a Math class and the handicap is reversed. It works out in the end I guess.

So, if I were wise, I would work on my German, and then study for my Anthropology exam. But the moral of the day has been: I'm not wise. So I think, instead, I'll go and take a nap. I could really use one. But first maybe I'll fiind some food and watch some tv. No wonder I scored Lazy Smurf:

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