Sunday, April 27, 2003

Today started off wonderfully. Was up for all of oh, two minutes, before I got into my first fight with my mother. That's promising.

I have a busy day ahead of me because I was unnaturally tired last night, and went to sleep at 3am, even though I only woke up at 3pm. As such, I have literally a ton of homework. And Jody's coming over for a while later and I have to take Brittany to Columbus right after that.

I had a good dream last night though. I dreamed of getting on an airplane of some sort and I was filled with joy. Now, that plane could've been heading for the fifth layer of hell, for all I know. It in no way relieves my worries regarding Europe or anything. But having joyous dreams - dreams so happy that they actually make my heart expand inside my chest and hurt - that sort is exceedingly rare for me.

My dad's about to enter the house, and have a huge fight with my mother. Perhaps you're noticing a trend by this point? If not, let me give the additional clue: Yesterday afternoon, my brother got in a fight with my mother. I won't be heavy-handed about this. Draw your own conclusions.

Today, a boy dressed all in black was walking down the road. I've seen him before, but he usually has his girlfriend with him. My dogs, as they always do, barked a little and ran down toward him, wagging their tails. They're not vicious, as he apparently realizes. They just like to escort him off our property, so they're sure that he gets off of it. But today he was either in a much better, or much worse, mood than usual. When the dogs started to bark, he turned around and barked back at them. The dogs, I'm happy to report, remained unphased.