Saturday, April 26, 2003

Yesterday was good. I spent it with April, Brittany (April's friend from her old hometown, not my niece) and Mike. We stalked a guy where April works. In a disturbing trend we seem to have elevated from mere pictures (See: Seth Stalk Night) to entire moving videos. We played cards. April and Brittany played with Mike's homemade Ouija Board.

In less good news, I found out that a friend of mine from college was somehow in involved in Ashland's first driveby shooting. That is to say that he and his girlfriends were the ones shot at, and not the ones shooting. He's okay, and it's looking optimistic for her though she's in intensive care, so it's all very good at the moment. Of course, being my usual inappropriate and stupid self, I managed to say: "You're history!" to my friend when he told me he was part of Ashland's first driveby. Which I followed up with: "That sounded unnecessarily ominous. I mean, you're historical." Which was, obviously, worse than the original comment, which probably would have passed if anyone but my dark self would have been analyzing it. Honestly, I suck. I should never consider working in the health care field, or as an undertaker, or as anything else requiring gentleness and poise.

Today I finally got a check for driving my niece to school. I think they screwed it up somehow. Typical.

If I were wise, I'd start on my homework. But it's Saturday, for the sake of all that's Good and Holy, and who does homework on a Saturday?