Sunday, April 27, 2003

I got a lot of stuff done today. None of the stuff that really needed to be done. But a lot of stuff.

Jody and I set our schedule for Europe. We bought roundtrip tickets from London to Dublin (thanks to Ryanair, $30 a piece); We bought tickets from London to Rome ($18 each). We bought rail passes ($685 each). We bought our Hostellers International Card ($28). In short, we spent a lot of money. But I'm crazy excited now. This week I'll spend researching backpacks, and then I'm set.


I really, really, really should be doing my homework.

Oh yes, in other news, I almost died tonight. A semi didn't see me in the passing lane, and started to change lanes on top of me. I was paying attention because I hate semi's, and I jerked onto the shoulder and beeped. Then he saw me and changed back lanes. Funny, but it didn't upset me much. I saw another semi do almost exactly the same thing to some little black sports car about five minutes later; hey, semi's, try looking before you change lanes!

Oh, yeah, and my brother's dog almost broke the new laptop tonight. That was fun.

Come to think of it, today was sort of disastrous for the most part. Hope our planning won't end up that way. Or my homework.

Damn homework...really going, I am...