Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Anthropology wasn't so bad. It wasn't so good either. But we started late, and then we did journal summaries for the rest of the first hour. After that, we actually took some notes. So, it could have been worse. I wish I didn't hate Anthropologists so much. If I could stand reading anything the arrogant buggers wrote, I'd like to learn a bit about how primates have been taught sign language, and how that all works out. It seems that it's getting more and more difficult to separate human beings and animals. I heard a story in class today, about this little primate who saw his mother murdered by poachers, who cut the head and hands off her corpse. He was taught sign language, and for years after, he would freak out and sign the story of his mother's death. He was clearly emotionally distraught. And there are people in the world, who eat his species. It seems wrong to kill things as sentient as a human pre-adolescent. Another story we heard was about these primates (I forget the species, hence my calling them primates), who wanted to eat the leaves off the trees in their "cages." The researchers put low-voltage electric fences around the trees so that they couldn't get to them. But one of the primates was a real problem solver. He started to push a nearby log toward the tree; several other primates quickly assessed the situation and started to help him out. They pushed the log up against the tree, used it as a ladder, and climbed up. They started to eat the leaves, and tore off branches and threw them down to the other primates, who excitedly ate their favorite treat. Such a relief from temptation must have been wonderful! And, it sheds some light on old Adam and Eve, too. You can imagine them having a time of it in the Garden, with the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Then, Sociology was boring. But I got through it okay. The highlight of the evening was when my Professor, as usual, got totally sidetracked. He asked if he'd ever seen the game that rabbits played, where they jump over each other and run around. He said it was amazing to watch. He couldn't figure out why they did it. He didn't think it was mating, but maybe it was a pre-mating, or courting, ritual. This kid in my class looks up, out of nowhere and says, "Yeah, I can understand that. If I were a bunny, I bet seeing another bunny jump me would be hot."

I'm tired. I can see that my writing is choppy. So exhausted.

I was really pissed off when I got home though. On my answering machine, I got a call from some company saying that my credit card had been denied. Then I checked my email, and saw one from Paypal telling me my card had expired. I checked my card and it said that it wasn't supposed to expire until next year. So I had to call my credit card company twice, get the run around twice, and get generally really damn irked. And oddly, at the end of the day, it seems that both Paypal and the other company, made simultaneous, rare, errors. I didn't make the mistake and neither did my credit card company. And I contacted both companies. So, everything should be fixed now. But I was furious there for a bit. How much would it have sucked to go to Europe without a credit card for emergencies? So, I applied for a second one, because I think it's a good idea to have a back up. I'd been thinking about applying for it anyway, since my old one has a high interest rate. I'm supposedly pre-approved for the new one, and if I get it like I'm supposed to, it should be pretty nice. It's very low interest for a kid my age. It's nearly as good as what my parents get. I find it amusing that I have good credit. Who'd have figured that?