Monday, December 08, 2003

Babies put me in a bad mood these days. My niece Jessica lost one two years ago. And this year, of course, my niece Brianne gave her little boy up for adoption. I know you're not supposed to talk about these things, but having the story of the whole mess already sprawled across this blog, I guess it's okay to do it. According to the latest gossip I've heard, the evil aunt has the baby. I'm told that he's called Bryson. Bryson Tackett. Maybe Bryson James Tackett, but I'm not certain about it. And for all I know it could be Brycen Tackett or Brison Tackett or God knows what other silly variant spelling. The whole story is so messed up and stupid that it could only happen in my family. Still, this time last year, I was all excited about the birth of my first great-nephew. I was worried that I would miss his birth while I was in Europe, and I wanted to see all of the important landmarks in the little guy's life. I love kids, and there really aren't any in my family anymore, so I was really quite happy about it. But now I'm feeling a little jinxed.

Still, I'm right overjoyed about this. The first pic of my brand new little great-nephew/niece.