Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My parents are trying to quit smoking. This is undeniably a good thing. But at the moment, it is also an undeniably unpleasant thing. If the cigarettes don't kill them, by the end of this, I really might. They're awful. I can't move without them screaming. I can't sit still without them screaming. Damn it's unpleasant. Top it off with the fact that we're working on the house and even ordinarily relationships would be strained. Damn, it's unpleasant. But I'm happy they're doing it. I really am. It's worth the pain in the ass it's causing. I don't know why in hell anybody'd ever take up smoking. I can maybe understand it back in my parents day; hell, my mom's been smoking for over 40 years. But with anybody my age, it's just a frustrated death wish.