Friday, November 08, 2002

Good news! Brianne got her license this morning. No more getting up at 7am on Friday for me! Oh, yes, and congrats to Brie as well.

On the slightly irritating side. Mom asked me how much I spent on gas teaching Brie how to drive. I thought, perhaps, this was her way of bringing up the subject so she could chip in. But no, she was just curious. I didn't expect her to chip in. But the fact that she was sitting knee deep in a pile of lottery tickets at the time made it annoying. She spent $30 on lottery tickets today. If you've got enough extra cash to piss away $30 on lottery tickets, you can afford to throw in a few bucks gasoline for a special occasion. But whatever, she's cheap.

In other news, it's finally weekend. Glorious weekend. And a glorious weekend it is indeed! Not because I have anything to do, mind you. Just because we get Monday off. So, that means I've got a four, count 'em four, day week end. I'm seriously all overjoyed. It'll probably end up a depressing mess because I've got a book to read and a paper to write, and everybody seems to be too busy to have any fun. I'd like to go to Mohican or the zoo or something.

Hey, real life types. Call me. I want to do something fun.