Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Just got a letter from my brother. He's in the state prison. Apparently, they took four years off his sentence because of my letter. I don't know whether or not to be happy for him. If he were in for drugs or something that didn't harm other people, I'd be happy. I don't overly care if he chooses to harm himself (sounds cold, eh?) But he's in for aggravated assault. From the stories I've heard, his buddy was also up on kidnapping charges. Something about a woman and a little girl. Tony apparently either wasn't charged, or in any case, convicted of that. But since he's up for aggravated assault, and I know there's a chance he could get out and hurt somebody, I feel sort of guilty about having written the letter that let him loose on society four years earlier. He'll be in jail for at least three years. Hopefully, and I do mean only hopefully since the odds are against it, he'll straighten up in prison. Maybe I won't have to feel guilty for having helped him out. I would have felt guilty for having refused to help him out as well, you know. It's annoying that I have to care.