Saturday, December 14, 2002

Oh, how I loathe Christmas shopping!

Masses of humanity rushing to and fro at the urging of a bitter and monotone adolescent manning the PA system. Mothers beating their children in every aisle. Thousands of “aggressive” drivers pulling out in front of you, crossing three lanes of traffic in one foul swoop, getting in wrecks and stopping up traffic at every light. The humanity! Humanity everywhere; infesting every corner.

On the bright side, I found the majority of the things I need to buy for Christmas today. I think I can condense the rest into maybe two trips. One for mom, Denise and Brett and the other for my father exclusively. Three trips are foul enough for one year.

I wonder how Mike and April did today on their ACT. I’m a little annoyed, I only pulled like a 3.7 something this quarter. Stupid Early Christianity class. I loved that class, and the Reformation class I took with the same professor last Spring, but they’re pulling down my frigging GPA. She grades hypercritically. I’ve never gotten less than an A on any paper I’ve done in college, except in her class. They’re interesting classes, and I like the challenge sort of, but it’s impossible to get any sort of A except the minus variety. In fact, come to think of it, I only got a 90 in her Islam seminar too, though I don’t really care since I took that pass/fail. On the bright side, I got an A in German and I’m right proud of that.

Ugh, my mom’s forcing me to help her write a letter to my brother now. It’s always depressing as hell to write Tony. I mean, he’s in jail for Chrissakes, how cheery can you get without sounding like a jerk?