Friday, December 13, 2002

I've had an odd time of things over the last few days. I had a good post all cooked up, but I lost it. And so now you get this instead.

Yesterday, I slept until five for no particular reason. That is, five in the afternoon, by the way. I had a relatively uneventful day until April got off work. She wanted to do something. So, at eleven o'clock at night, April, Mike and I went over to Angela's. We watched some videos we've made. We went to Denny's and had incredibly crappy service. We came back to Angela's and made her birthday cards. I got home a few minutes after 5. I watched French & Saunders spoof Lord of the Rings. I went to sleep around 6. I woke up at 8:20 to get stitches out of my mouth. Now I'm getting ready to make cookies.

I've had two and a half hours of sleep. I'm feeling rather irritable. So, if my father randomly tells me again that we're supposed to make the Pawlikowski's peanut butter cookies, and not the Volz's, I'm going to smack him.