Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I've only got time for the quickest of blogs. Though, I'm not quite so panicked as I was a few minutes ago. The clock in my car said it was 12:30, and I just realized that I never set it for daylight savings time, so it's an hour fast. I need to fix that. So, I have an hour I thought I'd lost, and that's a plus.

heh, I just realized that I screwed over Jasmin on pizza money. I forgot to leave some, that is. Ahh, well, she didn't explicitly ask, so it's not a surprise that I forgot. I'll ask her tomorrow.

I had fun today. Sort of. It's a final day and those are always hectic. I woke up fairly on time, wrote a quick paper (which received the mark of A, yay!), and outlined some stuff for Early Christianity. I took my final, and while I don't feel I did terrific on the first 40 points of it, I think I did do a pretty good job on the second 50 points, and the of the remaining 10, I know I got an 8.5. So, probably around a 90 over all, which is good enough to keep me in A range, which is good enough for me, by God.

I was a little disappointed at Jasmin's because nobody else but Sean had worked on the questions at all. However, I had a good time, and got to feel important reading off my answers. Plus, free pizza, so, you know, who can complain? Jeff now thinks I'm a crappy driver, which I am. But hell, we only almost had like three accidents, so screw him. He can drive next time if he doesn't like it. And I was NOT about to run that red light.

Oh, and he's a wuss because he wouldn't ring the doorbell.

Anyway, I think I've got about 6 of 12 questions done for Early Christianity. Which means I need to get cracking. That's not even mentioning my German Final in the morning, though I'm not terribly worried about that one to tell the truth.

Aight, time to quit talking about how I need to study, and actually get up to study. ::sigh::