Thursday, December 05, 2002

Tomorrow, I'll upload my junk, and you can click on the links and read it, if you're so inclined. My Islam paper and my book review of Elie Wiesel's Night, that is. Just showing up to class and finals left to do, yay!

Hell, I know I've been boring lately, with all my talk of school. But I can't help it. It's all I know. Actually, I do know some other stuff, but I don't care to talk about it because it's just so lousy.

So, because all I can think about is school, and because I know no one cares to hear that, I'm going to tell a joke, I am. This is the first joke I ever remember being told when I was a child, though, in my house, I'm sure I'd heard thousands before. This is the first one I remember really understanding and repeating. Courtesy of my father, I believe.

So, it seems there was this naughty little boy who wouldn't behave himself at school. He got kicked out his first school, his second school, his third. His parents were at a loss. They didn't know what to do with him. One day his father was talking to the neighbor, and the subject of the boy came up. And the neighbor said: "Take him to the nuns! They'll straighten him out!" The father said he wasn't Catholic. But the neighbor said: "Nevermind that! Take him to the nuns, they know how to handle his sort!" The father had his doubts, but he was really at his wits end, and was willing to try it as a last ditch effort. Besides, they'd already exhausted all of the public schools in the area, and there wasn't a lot of choice in the matter. So he signed the boy up for Catholic school, and had a good talk with the school master, and then with his son.

The boy went to school his first day, and, remarkably, came home without a bad report. He went again, and still no trouble. A week passed, a month, a term, and still, no bad report and rather good marks to boot. The father couldn't believe the change. He was gloriously happy! But still, he couldn't imagine what the nuns had done to straighten the boy out. So he took his son aside, finally, and asked him straight out.

The boy replied: "Ach, dad, it isn't that I don't think to do the bad things. It's just, I can see what they did to the last guy who messed up in class. They've still got him hanging on the wall!"