Saturday, November 30, 2002

My mom was giving my dad a haircut today, when she noticed a strange lump on his back. My grandpa had cancer on his back three times. Once, quite badly. It didn't kill him. But it certainly didn't make his life very easy. So now my dad has to go to the doctor because there's a good chance he has cancer. It's going to suck a lot if my dad has cancer. For obvious reasons, like, you know, he's suffering and could maybe die. And for less overt reasons like, if he did die, my terminally ill mother could lose her health insurance and we'd be pretty screwed. I could find myself orphaned quickly. But not so quickly that I wouldn't get to experience both of my parents suffering terribly from disease, which is ever pleasant. But maybe it's no big deal. Maybe he doesn't have cancer, and nothing will change, and life will go on in its usual mediocre, plodding way. I thought I found regular life damn near intolerable. Funny the things you miss when you're threatened with losing them.