Sunday, December 01, 2002

I have at least one paper to finish today. I'm thinking it might not be so bad. What frightens me is that it's almost too easy. I have to write about St. Macrina and St. Caesarius; things like: What made them saintly? Did gender influence ideals of sainthood? etc. The paper only has to be five pages long. I'm not sure I'll have any brilliant insights on the topic, but it seems I can pull five pages out of those documents.

After that, I ought to work on my Islam paper. It's not terribly bad either. I think I'm doing the one about gender in Islam. Basically, how has gender been perceived in Islam, and what sources (Qu'ran, hadith, etc.) have influenced these views. On the larger scale, how is it exactly that decisions are made in Islamic society? I can get seven pages out of that, I think. We'll see.

I'm starving at the moment. But no food until my mom wakes up, because we don't know if she's going to cook for my dad or whether he's supposed to eat with me. This is a weekly problem. And though we all know it's a weekly problem, it manages to never solve itself decisively.

Blog trolling, then I'm going to start on my homework. I really am. I swear and stuff.