Saturday, November 30, 2002

I've been thinking more about Europe. There are mounting threats to the trip, as I wrote earlier today. But I'm going to plan it as if I can go, because if I can't, it can't be helped, and if I can, then I need to have the damn thing planned anyway. So it makes sense to proceed as normal.

I think I'm going to leave on my birthday, June 10th that is, from Baltimore for Brussels. From Belgium, we'll work our way East. I hope to see Tongeren, where my grandma's from, which is by the German border. We'll go as far East as Warsaw, Poland, then make our way South to Auschwitz, and back in West toward Austria. From Austria, we'll go South into Italy. From Italy, North into either Switzerland, or directly over into France. Depending on our time and money, we'll either go South into Spain, or directly North up to England, and back down into Belgium before coming back home, around July 10th.

I can get plane tickets for under $800 and a rail pass for around $400. I'm giving myself $300 for accomodations, which may seem low, but because I'll be staying with relatives some, and sleeping on trains quite a bit too, it's not terribly restrictive. That's about $1500, leaving me around $800 or so in joy/emergency funds. Actually a little more than that, but I'd rather not come home totally broke.

Damn, I'll bet I have to get a job when I come home. We'll cross that rotten bridge when we get to it.

Barring family emergency or other unforeseen circumstance, it's looking like I can really do this thing.

Kick ass.