Monday, December 02, 2002

Full-text of my somewhat sloppily written essay on St. Macrina and Caesarius of Arles can be found here.

In other school news, I think I don’t have to go to German either Wednesday or Thursday because of our oral exams. Downside is, of course, I have an oral exam either Wednesday or Thursday. Tonight I’m going to library to pick up Elie Wiesel’s Night, which I can probably read and write at least the majority of my paper on before I sleep. That gives me Tuesday and Wednesday night to write my paper on Islam.

Friday, I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. That’ll be fun, mixing pain killers and the urgent need to study and write papers. This weekend, I’ll only have one Germany History paper to write. My German language final will be easy; Early Christianity final won’t be bad so long as I plan ahead on the thing. The hardest will be German History, but I’m not terribly worried about it because I already know the question, it’s just a matter of planning my answer and actually writing it out.

So, I’ve set myself up for a rotten stretch of time. Good sense tells me to stop writing this now, and go do some work. I think I may actually do that. If I’m not around much for a while, that’s why.