Thursday, December 05, 2002

There are few sweeter pleasures than an extra hour's sleeping in.

On the other hand, I seriously hate deer season. Being a country sort, I find it disturbing to wake up at all hour's of the day and night to strange people doing strange things outside my house. Yesterday, a jeep was driving back and forth in front of my driveway; I know no method of deer hunting strategy that requires this, and yet, they seemed to do it for around fourty-five minutes. Today, a strange man, not even wearing hunting gear, was sort of absently walking down the road; he leaned on my mailbox to rest himself before walking on. It's a free country, and they're not really hurting me or anything, but I don't particularly like to have them around. I live in the country for a reason, and that's to get rid of excess population.

Then, though, I don't really like slamming my poor vehicle into deer, either. I have a friend who calls a car she used to drive "The Deer Slayer" for obvious reasons. I guess everything's a trade off.

Today's my last day of regular classes! And only two of them to go! Heading off to do my last little bits of homework for the quarter.

Oh, but, good news! I changed my schedule so I don't have to get up so early in the morning next quarter! I now have Biology at 11:10 (which is earlier than I care to have it, but it's the last one, so, meh). Then German 102 at 12:30. And finally, Art History at 5:30 - 7:30. Winter quarter may just be my lightest homework quarter ever; I wish I didn't have to drive to school twice a day. Trade offs, trade off.

heh, I just realized, reading over this, that it doesn't and didn't disturb me at all that the strange people doing strange things in front of my house, have guns. Yeah, I'm a country kid all right. I've been playing with guns as long as I've been alive.

Funny, short story. It's not as good in print though. Once, my brother wanted to shoot a tree with his bb gun, when we were both little kids. So he got right up close to it, only a few feet away, aimed, fired. And BAM, the bb reflected off the tree, came back and hit him right between the eyes. He screamed and rolled around. Ahh, you see kids, they really will put your eye out.

Homework, homework, homework...