Saturday, December 07, 2002

I've slept an incredible amount in the last two days. Before my dentist appointment, I'd only gotten maybe six hours sleep. So it wasn't surprising that I was tired when I came home. By 11 o'clock or so, I was asleep, and I stayed that way until around 3:30. I managed to stay awake until around 11 o'clock at night, and then I fell into a rather deep sleep that lasted until 11:30 or so this morning.

So, in other words, yesterday I had at least sixteen hours of sleep; and if the night before is counted, at least twenty two. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

I'm curtailing my Christmas celebrations this year. Only buying/accepting gifts where possible, for and from, the immediately family. Actually, more technically, just dad, mom, Brett and his wife. Technically, I do have another brother and two sisters who fall under the category of immediate family that I never get anything for, and who never get anything for me. Call me a Grinch, but materialism leaves me a bit cold; especially the sort that has to reach out to every friend, aquaintance, seventh cousin and pall bearer I've ever met. And I lack the spiritual capacity to care for the holiday in other respects. So it's not exactly my favorite of the year.

But I do like Christmas carols, and Christmas cookies, and watching the Pope on television into the wee hours of the night, Christmas eve. And I like to put up our "Christmas decorations" which have been misappropriated from our Jewish past. My absolute favorite "Christmas decoration" when I was a kid, was a menorah. Go figure. Ahh, though to be fair, my second favorite was a little statue of Brainy Smurf dressed up as Santa Claus.

My mouth still hurts a bit. But I think people really overreact on the whole, to the whole Wisdom teeth thing. Most people are put totally out, and they still freak about it. I was awake for the the thing and didn't take any strong medicine for pain, just over the counter stuff, and that only once, and I still didn't freak. I didn't enjoy it; I don't enjoy that I'll have to get the top two out next year. But it wasn't so bad. Part of the difference, to be fair, is that a lot of people wait until they've got infections or something, to go to the dentist at all. Mine were taken care of early, before they got to that point. So maybe my experience was just a lot easier than everyone else's.

Lord, what else is happening in my boring life at the moment? Just looming finals, and the urge to go back to sleep. And to eat. I think I'm going to force my mates into a post-finals celebration of some sort. Though I'm not sure what sort is the best sort. And I'd prefer it to be cheap as well. Why aren't there any good movies playing yet? Maybe I'll just take my niece bowling, like I promised.