Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I kind of screwed up my Biology final yesterday. I didn't study for it at all right. I'm sure I got all 50 points on the comprehensive part. But the other 100 points of regular exam, well, meh. Probably a B I guess. I wanted to do better, but my final grade will still come out fine. I have my Art History final today, and though I've studied for it only minimally, I'm not particularly worried. I like that class because I always know exactly what to expect on the exam. It's a matter of showing up to class, taking notes, learning the material, and spitting it back out on the exam. That's good stuff. Not like Biology where you can never tell if she's serious when she says: "This won't be on the exam." Or when she springs entirely new sections on you, that she's never so much as mentioned in class, or assigned in reading. Damn, it feels good that that class is finally over.

I've been sort of in favor of this war against Iraq. I mean, I still am. But it's something to go in. I worry about the people of Iraq. I really do believe that they'll be better off with Saddam gone. I think fewer people will die even in armed urban conflict than would ordinarily die under the reign of Hussein and sons. But still, when Saddam was commiting mass genocide, it wasn't my country that was responsible. And now, when we go in to liberate the people of Iraq, if civilians die, we will be responsible for it. That's a hard thing. And there's no playing around with the End Justifies the Means type of logic when you're dealing with human lives.

The troops in Iraq are already surrendering. I'm glad of course. But what does it mean to be patriotic? I think the traditional idea of patriotism would require those soldiers to fight and die in a losing battle. And yet, I can see how a true patriot would refuse to fight in this instance, though he might die for that too. Are the troops who surrender before the war even starts heros of sorts, or just cowards? Either way, they're doing the right thing, sure. And I'm glad to see it. Hopefully not even the Imperial Guard will stick around to fight, though that's probably asking too much.

It's a hell of a thing to judge folks, when you've got a full belly and a good education and a home and people who love you and a country that guarantees your right to life and speech and religion and all that.

Ari Fleischer's giving a White House Briefing. It's sort of funny to watch the reporters, supposedly objective of course, hardly able to control their anger over the fact we're going to war. You can see them physically repressing their urge to use naughty words in reference to President Bush. How can people even question whether or not we've got a liberal press over here?