Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm tired. I had to get up for an eye appointment today. I hate waking up.

Had a good conversation with April last night about characteristics. For instance, how we all get mad: April gets the face, and then won't talk; Mike sort of tenses up his mouth; Rory seems to grow bigger; Angela gets a certain look, and leans back, and she touches her face a lot. I'm harder to figure out mayhaps; April says my voice changes. But actually, my voice only changes when I want her to know I'm mad. I do that purposely, so it isn't really a characteristic, so much as my particularly way of communicating anger to her. It isn't the way I communicate anger to other people, that is.

It's funny how personal characteristics go. I know mine are odder than the average set. April thinks it's funny, for instance, that I never notice whether she's wearing glasses or not. And Mike doesn't believe that I couldn't really care about how others judge my appearance. But my aversion to eye contact, for example, is so pronounced that, upon actually making eye contact with April one night, she stood up straight and yelled: "You look strange! Stop it!"

Anyway, I'd write more. A conclusion, for instance, but I haven't the time. Have to get ready to go the eye doctor. If my mom says we'll leave at 12:30, she usually means we'll leave at 12:15.