Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I had a long, rather good, day today/yesterday. It's technically yesterday, by now, though I've not gone to sleep so it seems like today to me still.

It didn't start well, as I'd had a string of nightmares that kept me up most of the night. And, because of the situation with my sister, etc., I was kind of agitated.

But eventually, April and Mike came over. We went out for a bit, ending up at Aladdin's Castle at the mall. I played this sniper game, with an extremely realistic gun, with a scope. I found it disturbing and amusing that I ranked third place on the final score screen thing. To be fair, I probably beat out a whole host of ten year old boys, and I don't expect that the average ten year old should be able to handle a sniper rifle very well. But, still, I've always had a sort of shakey shot, and I can't imagine that I really played all that spectacularly. Then we all used this Uncle Fester electric shock sort of thing, that's still irritating my hands now. Though I wouldn't say that I didn't like it. We also played some car racing game. Oh, the best part I almost forgot. April and Mike were playing this Jurassic Park game, inside of this, erm, box kind of thing. Like, you'd sit in it, and close the curtain, and you'd shoot dinosaurs. Well, I waited until they were real involved in their game, then I snapped open the curtain and went "ha!" and they both screamed, which was lovely.

Let's see, after that we went to Meijer and bought stuff for coloring Easter eggs. We came home, got our eggs nice and boiled and such, and we played a game of Trivial Pursuit. We colored our eggs, and made Easter cards for Angela and Daysi. I composed a poem for Daysi: "In hopes that on Easter / you will become a feaster / on eggs and on candy / 'cos those things are dandy," and chopped off the Easter bunny's head and stuck it in a basket. Mike made the world's most blasphemous Easter card, complete with Jesus with rock hard abs, and a poem including a line that went something along the lines of: "His blood was shed for us / it looked like taco sauce." Course, I'm in no position to talk, because I made an egg which said: "Happy Easter, Jesus!" and had a picture of a crucified Easter Bunny. So, anyway, then we drove them over, and dropped them off. I saw some of the pictures from kite day the other day, and they're great.

Then we went to Ashland to take Mike home, and we had car chat for a bit at April's, and I came home and spent the last two damn hours catching up on my boards.

So, random funny points:

- My coinage of the phrase "hamming my slams" to described hitting the breaks in my car.

- April's desperate cry that her head was "starting to head."

- When I almost hit the non-existent sleeping deer in April's driveway.

- When April declared that "the deer are stapled to the trees, and they're hoofing it!"

- When I saw the non-existent monkey leaping from the top of April's flagpole. He was hot. Speaking of which, I like opera.

- April in the dark: My Precious's.

- Mom likes it when we bend over for her.