Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I just absolutely destroyed my Art History final. Killed the mofo. It was lovely. After Biology yesterday, it was particularly lovely. Just German tomorrow to muddle through. Have to record myself reading some German poetry. That will be...awkward. I hate recording myself. And in a foreign language it's particularly bad. Still, the joy of ending this quarter is enough to propel me through.

I'm on a buying binge. Don't know what's up. I mean, I'm hardly breaking the bank. But for me, I'm spending a lot. I'm like making lists of stuff that are totally unessential. I think it's the unexpected money I'll get from driving my niece around. I mean, I didn't expect that money, so it's like, spendable. Burning a hole in my pocket, even. But every time I spend money I think: "$20? That's like a whole day in Europe. $5? That's like a fourth of what I'll spend on a day in Europe."

I'm getting a headache.