Thursday, May 15, 2003

So today is even less busy than I thought. Turns out that we didn't have German Exam #1 today. We just had really short little quiz thing. And it was only listening comprehension. My partner for Snow White asked the Prof if we could wait until Monday to do our presentation, so I didn't do that today either. So the only remaining thing that I may really have to do, is my rather unworrisome Sociology exam. I can't complain. It's been a good day.

Plus, a funny day. In German, the Professor got an answer wrong, and we were all teasing him about it. He was like: "Aww, man, I hate being wrong. You know, if you were in a German University, I'd be right even if I was wrong." And we all laughed, and Jared says: "Oh great, so we'd all fail because of your incompetence!" And the Dr. says: "And arrogance!" It was great. I totally need to teach in Germany when I grow up.

Also, on the bright side of things, I think my mum and I aren't fighting again, which is nice. In any case, she bought me breakfast, which was cool. So that's a good thing. I'd prefer not taking an eight hour drive with her, in a couple of weeks, throughout which neither of us is capable of speech. Screams, well, that we could do.

Anyway, this weekend I'm going to redo my whole blog format. I'm thinking of changing the name. I want to maybe go something along the lines of Qoholeth. Or Modern Day Qoholeth or something. Qoheleth is the Hebrew word for "The Preacher" in Ecclesiastes. Scholars debate the meaning of the word. It might mean to "gather, or assemble." But it also might mean "to debate, harangue." The latter is more appropriate than the former, but I rather like the first as well. And while I'm certainly far from a preacher, this jack ass kid I don't like very much always accuses me of pontificating. And I suppose, I do some of that.

Also, I'm thinking of trying a sort of ice blue and gray kind of thing for the colors. The black suits me better mayhaps, but I prefer to remain an enigma, so. Also, I'm going to try to design my own blogframe from scratch instead of modifying the pre-done ones. It shouldn't be terribly challenging and I've always preferred a little originality.

I've narrowed down this summer's Sarah's-Really-Geeky-Independent-No-Credit-Giant-Research-Project. I think I'm going to go for the Comparative Mystical Experience throughout World Religions. I've been intrigued by the topic for a while. Other possible topics: The Byzantine Empire; The Unionization of American Coal Workers; Buddhism: Revisited. Also, I may actually sign up for guitar lessons. Though, I've always hated taking lessons, I seem to be really pretty lazy about teaching myself. And yet, I really do want to learn how to play all those annoying and cumbersome "real" chord structures.

Note to self: Stop relying on your only quasi-perfect pitch. Buy a damn tuner!