Thursday, August 28, 2003


I just checked my search results, and someone apparently found my site by typing in “directions to doing your own surgery circumcision.” While this is disturbing enough, I clicked the link, and I’m ranked second out of five search results. The description of my blog reads: “I'm doing things which seem so foreign to ... But it has its own secret pleasure, too. ... their own reeking oozing body fluids. And she wasn't doing it to ...” . Poor guy thought he was getting some nice pornographic website, and instead he got a link to one of my long posts about self-sacrifice and the example of Mother Teresa, risking the scourge of leprosy to see her Jesus in the face of the dying.

Hey, buddy, in the unlikely circumstance that you actually stuck around here to read this message, go to the hospital for that surgery. Seriously. There are some things you shouldn't, erm, interfere with. And whilst your search may be all about self-interference, and some weird masochistic perversion, you should really think twice about interfering with that, erm, region. It's simple Mills, mate, if you make a bad slice, you're putting an early end to all your future fun; it's simply not very Utilitarian.