Thursday, August 21, 2003

Yesterday, Angela, Mike and I had a day on the town because Mike's new job starts Monday, and he wanted a last hurrah. We started off at the Bailey Lakes Restaurant where we drew some pretty awesome mural-y type things on our placemats (they were paper; it's o-kay). I drew my fantasy world, in which, in the form of a giant Q, I ruled cruelly over the masses, and forced them to bow down to me; Angela and Mike had been hung for tampering with my glorious rule. Mike drew a pro-anti-Goody mural, if that makes sense; complete with Angela the Angel and, the Evil Detached Head of Sarah with Bat Wings Sipping a Mt. Dew. Angela didn't have as long with a pen as the rest of us, but she did manage to scribble a rabbit who was hopping to the right, but curiously, who kept his gaze cooly out of the page, ignoring the destination of his hop.

After that, we went to Goodwill for supplies. But were quickly kicked out, typical of Goody's will no doubt, because they were "closing." To be fair, this is Ashland, where there's no reason for any store to be open after six o'clock. Angela did manage to procure a pretty wicked Paula Abdul hat.

We then tried WalMart in Ashland, which, well, erm, there isn't a lot to say about WalMart in Ashland is there? But we proceeded forth to some cheap ice cream stand. They had like gummi bear blizzards, which sounded nasty, so I had one. Then we went to Angela's sister's house to pick up some hats. And to Meijer, to pick up some musical instruments, which we ended up never buying. Then we spent countless hours taking pictures of ourselves.

Oo! I almost forgot the best part of the night again! Angela bought me "Bible Bread: the unleavened bread of the Exodus!" I so have to scan this bag later. It's freakin' awesome. More cultural than anything I saw or ventured to eat in Europe by a long stretch.