Sunday, August 10, 2003

I had a good time trying Chinese seafood today. I only thought of hurling a few times, and I discovered that I quite like frog legs, even if they do look pretty nasty. We were all in such good moods that it was really nice to be together. I can’t believe my brother is 27. He’s my closest sibling, and he’s only three years short of 30. I know that 30 is far from old, but it feels strange to see someone whose voice I can remember changing getting so close to 30. Of course, in three years, I’ll still be just shy of 25, so I know I’m not really that old or anything.

Anyway, after food, my dad and I took my mom’s car into town to wash. I, of course, did all of the work. And then he got the car dirty again on the way back; which was kind of funny really, even if did negate all my labor. We went to the new store in Shelby on the way home. I like it mostly because it’s half-decently priced, and will therefore piss off all of the local merchants in town. I bought a Sharpie and some paper for school.

Then my dad revamped the air conditioner in my car while I took the dogs for a walk. I’m beginning to quite enjoy walking the dogs, and I think that they like it too. We tromp around together in the meadow, and look for small woodland creatures to terrorize. I scared a cat out of hiding the other day, and the dogs adored me for it. I think I earned respect for flushing out prey, because now sometimes they’ll actually follow my lead instead of running around madly without me. I’d really feel bad if I flushed something out one day, that the dogs actually managed to catch and kill; particularly, if it was my neighbor’s cat.

Around 11 or so, April called and sounded kind of bored. My brother was over still, but he said he was going home in a few minutes anyway. So April and I made plans to head over to Mike’s party. I was happy to have something else fun to do, since the majority of my days are so boring. So, joyfully I trotted out to my vehicle. Or, I tried to. On my way down the steps outside, the damn dog ran between my legs, tripped me, and I fell. I didn’t get hurt or anything, I just felt like an ass. So I lay on the ground laughing for five minutes, petting the dog, and then I got up and went to the car.

But the bad luck wasn’t over quite yet. I got in my car finally, started it up, and what should appear but my Check Engine light. I was annoyed. Very annoyed. I think my dad probably messed something up when he was fixing my air conditioner. But you never know what might be wrong. It’s been kind of a hard summer for my car, what with not having been driven for five weeks while I was in Europe. And then hardly being driven for the past several weeks because my life’s been boring while I was at home.

But anyway, April and I finally made it to Mike’s. We ate hot dogs and talked for a while. It was nice. I enjoyed it really. Time passed a lot faster than it felt like it did. We left well after two, which was kind of late since April has to work tomorrow at nine. I came home and watched Cartoon Channel until I started writing this, and that was my day thus far.

I’ve been having an emotionally difficult time of things lately. And I’m just enjoying being with my friends much more than usual. I don’t know why. I think it’s because it keeps my brain from working too hard. I don’t have to be freakin’ Einstein for my friends; they generally prefer that I’m a total and complete idiot. And it’s nice to have people who don’t mind my random bouts of stupidity.

For now, I just want sleep.