Monday, August 04, 2003

I want to clarify that I haven’t not been writing much because of lack of interest or lack of happenings or anything. It’s mostly that my life’s been sort of crazy lately, and every time I try to write, just how crazy it’s been starts to leak out. And insofar as I don’t want every bad thing in the world about myself, my family, my friends on the internet, I always end up erasing the blogs that I write.

That being said, just to update: I haven’t really been doing all that much recently. I’ve mostly been sleeping a lot, and reading a little, and generally just wasting away my life. It’s the usual Summer thing for me. It’s good in a way. But I’m kind of restless too, which is a bit unusual.

I’ve been thinking about personalities. And while I don’t really buy all of the personality test business, I broke down the other day and tried the Myers-Briggs again. I was surprised that I scored the same as the last time I took it, when I was a teenager. Or, well, sort of I did. To be technical, I ended up right on the 50% line between INFP and INTP. But based on the weight of the older score, and from my reading of the INTP profile, it seems that INFP is probably generally more appropriate. Though you can understand me a little better, I guess, if you add in a little of that INTP emphasis on logical perfection.

Anyway, since none of that probably makes sense to any of you. Try this: INFP, my dominant side, and INTP, the side which isn’t far very behind.