Saturday, August 02, 2003

A few abrupt and crudely phrased meditations on human psychology that I’ve recently been mulling over:

Humans will gleefully and painfully ruin themselves and destroy their lasting happiness for virtually any reason at all if they can convince themselves of the romanticism of their motivations.

The greatest saints, and the most evil people on Earth, are those who have the most keenly developed sense of the fragility and sanctity of human life. People who lack a well-developed sense of this concept lack the motivation, insight and skill to ever be considered particularly evil or particularly good.

Apathy is a more formidable force than zealotry because it rules over a far vaster number of human lives.

Humans secretly adore their own deformities, and will indulge their perversities, even past the point of their own disgust, if they can convince themselves that no one powerful enough to punish them is watching.