Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Yesterday was a strange day. Well, not really. A strange day would probably be much more spectacular than yesterday was; perhaps aliens would have had to have invaded, or the second coming would have had to have started. But yesterday was a sort of strange day anyway, in its own quiet way.

To make a long story short, I did virtually nothing all day until around 2am when Angela and Mike decided, spur of the moment basically, to pick me up and go to April’s house. We played the music game there for hours. And we looked at yearbooks too young for Angela and I to have owned. I almost allowed myself some small nostalgia for high school, before I allowed reason to creep in and smash it. However glossy your yearbook photo, high school is four years of misery, damned misery, and damnable misery. My life is so much happier now, that a false nostalgia over times that sucked in reality, smacks of too much intellectual and emotional dishonesty for me to continue it long.

But while I’m on the topic of schooling, I’m sort of looking forward to school starting back up. My classes this quarter shouldn’t suck too much. It’ll be my last quarter of German (yay!). And since the history club meeting last week, I’ve talked to several of my school friends on the phone and whatnot, and have come to the somewhat surprising conclusion that I really kind of miss them. I miss being in school, where there’s constant stress and intellectual stimuli and papers due on Monday morning.

I’ve also come to the somewhat disturbing conclusion that maybe I’ve pursued the wrong subject in college. The thing I might like most isn’t unrelated to history, but a history degree generally isn’t the way to go about getting into it. But I think there are probably lots of journalists who’ve started off in history, and worked their way up. However, now I’m in a fix as to working out how I’m going to become a journalist. But given my uneven temperament lately, perhaps I’ll change my mind again tomorrow.