Thursday, September 04, 2003

I had quite a lot of fun at Dave and Buster’s. I think it probably must take a lot of alcohol to get me drunk. I won a lot of games. It was good. We played kazoos and took bad pictures on the way home. Very good times. Amanda and Brooke flashed truckers as we drove down 71. Then they all got paranoid as hell that the truckers were boxing them in, and Angela thought the cops were coming once. I wasn’t so worried; it was dark, I doubt the truckers even saw them.

Amanda and I fought about Ja Rule versus 50 Cent. 50 Cent is unquestionably better.

I’ve kind of screwed myself over on tomorrow. I can’t remember what time it is I have to pick my niece up. And I’m not sure if I have to sign her out or anything. I need to wake up early to call my sister. Meh. I hate waking up early.

Additionally, one of my professors called the house tonight while I was out. I have the feeling my class is going to be cancelled, and this is exceedingly annoying because I really need the American history credit. Well, at least I’m going to Columbus soon anyway, and can make up for it there.

I don't like the first season of Perfect Strangers very much. How did Head of the Class remain on air so long?