Thursday, August 28, 2003

Today I am outrage personified. It all began shortly after I posted that last blog this morning. I went to my room, exhausted, to sleep. And what do I see but movement in a spider sac in the corner of my room? Now, to clarify, I do not allow spiders to build sacs in my room. I'd only noticed the thing earlier that day, and my dad wasn't around to take care of it for me, so I'd decided it was probably okay to sleep. So long as the bugger was all the way in the spider sac, he wouldn't be bothering me. But when I saw that freakish, bubbly, movement, that was the end of that idea. I stayed up until 10:30, when my mother woke up, and she decided to take the beast on. She got a broom, and did well enough, though the site of that damn bubbly spider sac wreathing in an attempted escape plagued my nightmares all day. The real pain of the incident though, was that my mother hit the broom on the wall on the way down, and his corpse fell behind my bookcase. This would be all right enough, except that we all know, spiders never really die. They pretend to die; they curl up their hideous little legs. They'll remain in corpse-like ecstacy for days and days even, but when you least expect it, those vampiric sons of bitches spring back to unholy life and attack. I know this from previous spider experience. And I know that no attack on a spider goes unnoticed and unchallenged by his bretheren. I was terrified to sleep all day. The entire event was horrifying.

And it got worse when I woke up. My mother had gone into town to see her parents today, because it's her birthday. My sister was there. And she was going off about my niece. My niece has apparently been difficult recently; she won't choose a school to go to. Monday is the deadline for choosing; it's her last day. And what does the kid do? Takes off for Youngstown to a friend's apartment and won't come home. My sister's freaking out, and threatening to kick her out. And I'm utterly pissed. My nephews and nieces have done an incredibly rotten job of becoming educated. Of the five of them, four have already dropped out, and Brittany seems to be teetering on the edge. But who the hell in the modern world doesn't graduate from high school? What familial group can escape the constant societal and bureaucratic pressure to graduate? All you have to do is show up, and you pass! I have grade cards which prove my case on that. And somehow, all of them have still struck out utterly and totally. And I'm pissed. I have college hopes for Brittany. Like all of the kids, she's actually quite smart. And she has the otherwordly gift of a free college education courtesy of the US Government because she's deaf. She has no excuses, and yet, the responsibility doesn't seem to be slowing her down.

I'm right unhappy today. The answers to all this are so simple. But no one wants to see them done. Irritating.