Sunday, September 21, 2003

So today was the long-awaited Cedar Point Day. It was happy on a number of counts. We did all of the usual things of course; we rode most of the important rides. And we recorded our traditional Cedar Point Day song. This year, after long deliberation, we settled on “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul and Mary. We were told by the guys working the counter that they had never actually heard of anyone ever choosing our song. It was very nice.

I’ll leave April to tell about Danny’s lizard adventures.

We came home early because Danny wasn’t feeling all that well. So we ended up playing Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and 007. Early in the game in Monopoly, I could’ve squashed Rory, but as usual, my sense of fair play, inclusiveness and charity screwed me over. No, I let him stay in the game, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t win it. I ruined that game on two accounts; I gave up early. Usually I stay and fight, clawing and kicking, until the bitter end. But today I was tired. I was kicking ass at Trivial Pursuit, but Rory ruined that one; after putting all the loose pies down his pants, he flipped the board. It was just as well; “kicking ass” in that particular game just meant that, with as tired as we all were, after a good half hour’s play, I was the only one who had pie. 007 was like old times. I like that Danny usually sucked more than me though I was always the worst at Perfect Dark; I hate that damn game.

Now that Cedar Point’s over, there’s nothing standing in the way of the end of summer and the beginning of school. That’s damn depressing.