Saturday, November 08, 2003

I am at Angela's house using her idiotic computer which is always broken. The keyboard won't work, it drops letters. So here goes, leaving everything as is:

Angela is a whore and she wathes kid cartoons andbuys her dvds from Hong Kong and she smels of it too. I told her that she will never hve babies because she'll get pregnnt with the Toshiba tech support guy, but will getconfused at the birth and will eat her child thinking it's placenta.

Nobody cares about Angela and her blog. That's because sh's a whore an all sh ever talks bout is eating her placentas from Hong Kong. She saysshe hatesme, but I do't cae. I'm a paying cstomer.

Anyway, we are going to go see Kill Bill today, and Nikki's going too. So that hould be nice. We'll all leave terribly iolent. Not that it'll change angela anyway. Sheeats her own offspring.

Now we're watching 7th Heaven. This is one o the tupidest shows n all of televesion. The mother is freakin psycho. And the children ae all reects. They fetishize teenage sex to an absolutely ludicrus point. Promenade. Angel is stupid. Well 'm going to o. Not een I care about 7th Heaven.