Sunday, January 04, 2004

I can't believe how tired I am. I couldn't have gone to sleep later than three thirty last night, but I didn't get up until one thirty today. And now it's not even two yet, just barely twelve hours since I last slept, and I'll be damned if I'm not ready for bed again. But you know, I made up for having slept enough for two days today, by eating enough for three days. I actually have a bit of a stomach ache. Vacation is so nice.

I'm not dreading school as much as I ought. It actually sounds a little fun. A lot of my friends will have the same four hour break as I'll have, so maybe there'll be good times. And even if there aren't, I'm looking forward to two and a half of my classes. As complicated as that sounds, what it really means is that my African and Russian history classes sound fun, and my separation of church and state seminar might be good. Astronomy and Statistics, well, I could do without them. But at least I'll have friends in Astronomy.

I started my African history reading last night because I was starved for something to read. I read Things Fall Apart, which is a fictional account of the coming of imperialist, missionary Britain into precolonial Nigeria. It was well written and emotionally compelling. I can't help but think that the modern world will be paying for the brutality of its imperialism for some time to come. We deserve it; there's no denying that. I don't want to imply that victims of terrorism deserve what they get; individuals are innocent and it's disgusting what happens to people who've never hurt anyone in their lives because somebody else has an ideological axe to grind. But societies? My goodness, we have penance to do as nation states.

I just saw something puzzling on television. I was watching Ellen when these exercising people came out on stage. And...they were kind of chubby. I mean, not really chubby. Just, sort of healthy looking. Like they're not strangers to potato chips or pizza. We're talking about chicks with hips, and guys with bodies normal enough that their heads still look like they might actually belong to their bodies. I'd call it refreshing, but it wasn't. I don't want fat to the be the next chic. I mean, damnit, I'm not going to lose weight to stay out of style.