Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Vacation has made me slightly topsy turvy. My random sleeping has made it so I'm having difficulty establishing exactly what day it is I'm in, and even, more practically, what part of the day it is.

I haven't anything very startling report. I've mostly been sleeping and reading, which, while making for a very nice life, rarely makes for a particularly interesting blog.

I'm considering my future. Normally, this freaks me out. But I've felt so calm recently. I'm trying to concentrate less on the what than the why, and that's nice. It's terrifying to grill myself on all of the jobs I could do which might give me some sense of meaning and purpose in life whilst providing social status, moderate wealth and an ego boost. It's comforting to remember, as I wrote yesterday, that my meaning and purpose aren't centered in how I earn my living. The point of it all is that I am someone, not that I have to behave as someone; my doing has to follow my being, if that makes any sense at all.

In any case, tomorrow I'm really going to make myself wake up at a decent hour. Decent in my own eyes anyway; sometimes I think it's sin to get up before dawn when you haven't any non-essential reasons requiring you to do so.