Monday, December 22, 2003

My dad and I are making Christmas cookies today. Good times. It's always good to make to Christmas cookies with him, because he's far messier than I am and I don't have to feel so bad about sucking at baking.

So far we've managed to spill flour down in the parts of the stove which are hard to clean, spill sugar all over the floor, and throw sugar cookie stuff all over the kitchen. Happily, I'm only responsible for the sugar bit. And that was the easiest to clean up. Seriously, old man, wait to turn the mixer on until it's in the bowl.

My father and I had to go into Ashland this morning for a Christmas present for my mom. My dad constantly has conservative talk radio on, which annoys me to no end generally. Not because I'm liberal, but because talk radio hosts are obnoxious. The guy was making a good point today, but I had to turn it off anyway because of how irritating it was to hear him talk.

Basically, some guy called in to complain about how his kid had to sing religious songs at school for a Christmas play. The host went off on him about how being an adult means that sometimes you have to be uncomfortable, and a minority part of the culture, and you have to shut up and deal with it because that's the toll of multiculturalism. The caller had a trick up his sleeve. I think he'd anticipated that the host would agree with him when he said that the particular religious songs his kid had to sing were Kwanzaa songs. He claimed that it was pagan and wrong.

But the host switched things up on him. He said: "What's so awful about paganism? It's been enriching my Catholic faith for two-thousand years!" The caller, clearly a dumb Baptist, replied with: "Yeah, that's right. Your Church has embraced..." and the host hung up on him, proving how obnoxious he was. But it was still a good point. It's precisely the point that the evangelicals miss. In their excitement to bring the good news to savages, they miss the good news that was already there.

Of course, any thinking person hates Kwanzaa because it's a fabricated holiday intended to make money off the suffering of American blacks with identity issues. Still, it's not a hell of a lot worse than mother's or father's day.