Sunday, December 14, 2003

So my evening at Jasmin's was interesting. Not peaceful, nor restful, nor sane, nor non-ulcer inducing mind you. Just interesting.

It's hard to know where to begin. Keep in mind that the absolute last thing I wanted to be doing was housesitting for Jasmin. The entire idea made me physically ill with nerves, which, I can't blame anyone for cause I've been freakishly, uncharacteristically high strung all weekend. But anyway, I was really quite not wanting to do this.

Everything that could have gone wrong has totally gone wrong. It all started poorly when Angela managed to make me an hour late. That was compounded by the fact that I had absolutely no clue whatsoever where Jasmin had hidden her key. I imagine she told me, mind you. I just bloody forgot about it, being the idiot that I am. So, we ended up having to call her friend's cell phone. Being as high strung as I've been lately, I didn't want to do it. So it took a long time. Not to mention, I'd forgotten the number at home, so I killed another hour trying to find the damn thing.

Once we finally got in, things brightened up. For a while. But the damned dogs and cats, you see, are the freakin' debbil. Apparently, they've had some kind of open declaration of war for some time now, and Mike's and my presence just aggravated the thing.

We were so tired by 3am that we decided to crash. But all night long, the damn cat had been climbing in the tree to hide from the dog. Every time the cat did that, the dog would go psycho and attack the tree. So it pretty quickly became apparent that the dog and the cat couldn't be together downstairs. No problem, one would think, just stick the cat in the basement.

Well, it appears the cat had imagined this solution as well. It was prepared. We chased that damn cat for an hour. By the end of it, around four at my estimation, the cat had dematerialized somewhere under Jasmin's bed. Okay, we thought, let it be. The cat can remain non-material for all we bloody care, and we went to bed. Around 5:30, we were awakened to a rousing bark that could only mean one thing. The damn cat had decided to rejoin those of us still stuck in fleshy form.

So we got out of bed, chased the cat. We chased it out of Jasmin's room, out of Jesse's room, out of the spare room, out from the tree, out from under the couch. We chased the damn thing until we nearly cried. And then we realized we could just say fuck it, and lock the dog upstairs with us. So we did.

But that didn't work. Because the dog barked. It barked a lot. So around 7:30, I said, fuck sleep and went downstairs to read and play my guitar a while. That shut the dog up, and Mike still slept for a few more hours. In the meantime, I finally got the damn cat in the basement, and like hell I'm letting the little motherfucker out again.

Mike and I chanted to ourselves, as we went to sleep last night, the myriad reasons we hate this place. The ghosts, the damn cat, the damn dog, the damn cold spots, then the damn hot spots, etc.

Jasmin's a good friend of mine, and I'm really quite fond of her. But if she ever suggests this again, I'll kill her. I really will.