Sunday, December 21, 2003

I’m a bit ashamed of myself this evening. I was, what I can regretfully only describe, as grumpy. And grumpiness doesn’t become me. My brother can pull it off. After all, he’s going to be a crotchety old man someday. But as for me, I’m a lady.

I spent the day shopping and sleeping. I enjoyed the latter much more than the former. But I’m almost done with Christmas shopping, which is a relief. Christmas is a hard time for me. I imagine it is for a lot of people. It’s hard to make yourself try to feel reverent when you don’t naturally. And it’s hard to keep a remnant of sanity in all of the consumerism. I know that last bit’s pretty cliché, but clichés usually exist because there’s a bit of truth of them somehow.

My grandfather’s back in the hospital as of tonight. I wish I could feel more about it. It seems I should. Especially on this odd emotional kick I’ve been on recently. But you can’t make yourself feel on demand. I’ll feel it someday I guess.