Thursday, December 25, 2003

Having such a white Christmas is making the holiday strange.

My nephew Robbie and niece Jessica and her boyfriend Ryan came out for a while today. It was somehow awkward for them to be here without their mother. I didn't see my other nephew and nieces or my sisters because, at least ostensibly, the snow kept them from driving out. It makes me happy to think that next year when everyone comes out there'll be a baby, too.

I don't exactly thrive on family parties. But holidays are strange without them.

Things are difficult anyway right now. We usually let our dogs run, which occasionally has the effect of pissing off our neighbors. Sometimes it's deserved, and sometimes it's not. Yesterday, a guy came and threatened to shoot my dog if he steps on his property again. I suspect, in this instance, the enmity is deserved. I think my dog knocked up his. heh, well, at least Izzy had some fun. Nevertheless, keeping Isaac in is hell. He barks constantly. I slept for about 20 minutes last night between barks, and I think I'll get less than that tonight, since he's more desperate today than he was even yesterday. It's too nasty to tie his ass outside, though the little bugger deserves it.

There was a happy coincidence today. My father had bought my mother two pairs of slippers for Christmas. Usually, he'd only buy one, but they had some kind of two for one sale, so he sprung for a second pair. Both pairs he bought were in the small bin, but when mom opened the presents today, one was a larger size. This was fortuitous because it happened to be my sister-in-law's size, who had just so happened to have been unable to find her own slippers this morning. So both mom and Denise got sorely needed slippers for Christmas.

My mother has been staying in at my grandmother's house while my grandfather's in the hospital. She's there now. So that's different too.

It feels like there's something missing this year, though I can't really say that I'm depressed about it or anything. It just feels like something's gone. White Christmas' are supposed to be romantic, but I think I would have preferred that this one was a little more green.