Monday, February 09, 2004

So this was an eventful weekend, in a quiet way.

Friday my car broke down and I had to call my mother, during her eye surgery, to come and pick me up. It killed about an hour, and I was late getting Brittany. But my car is okay now, so I can’t complain very much about it.

Saturday went so fast that I don’t even remember very much what I did. I know I worked on homework, and read quite a lot, but that’s all I remember doing. I know I slept a lot that night.

Sunday was spent on more homework. Homework, consequently, that I’m nowhere near done with. But still, I managed enough of it I guess. And on the way down to Columbus to drop Brit off, I got pulled over for the first time in my life. It was pretty annoying, though I guess I’m lucky. I was pulled over for “speeding.” But unless my speedometer is about 15mph off, I wasn’t doing what the cop said I was. I think they were probably looking for someone with a car like mine or something. Cause the cop followed me for a while, and I saw him clearly, so I was doing like five under when he pulled me over.

It was kind of funny because he asked for my license and registration, took them off to check them out, and then came back and cleared me to go with a “warning.” I actually had to ask what the warning was for. He said something about “I clocked you doing 8mph over the speed limit, so I hope you’ll slow down.” And of course I did because I was afraid somebody else would pull me over, looking for whatever it was they were looking for when they pulled me over. It was annoying; I got pulled over, with cars passing me on both sides.

Well, anyway, nothing lost. So once again I can’t complain. Life is full of a lot of little inconveniences, but you can’t complain when you break even, except for the loss of a little time.