Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Having no justifiable time in which to write this blog, I shall make it quick.

I'm desperately behind on my reading for Russian History. And I am not alone in it. As we are all behind in our Russian reading, and as my prof has no desire to ease the workload, I am really in a spot. To quote that fine movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?," I should say, "Damn, we're in a tight spot!" And so we are.

Yesterday was a brilliant day though and I really had quite a lot of fun. It didn't start off terribly well. My mood wasn't particularly exceptional. But things went uphill anyway. At school, my Russian teacher was talking about societal norms and all that, and how hard it is to bring about a true social revolution. She said: "Even in a society as progressive as ours, we find it really disturbing when we can't figure out what someone's gender is. Even when we don't care if they're transgendered, we still have the burning desire to know what they really are, just so we can categorize them." Meanwhile, sitting beside her, apparently unbeknownst to the good doctor, was the local campus transgender. I could hardly contain my laughter, and I wouldn't have been able to had Jasmin been there. Thank God for pink eye.

But after that, I was going home to desperately try to catch up on my reading when Jasmin called and convinced me to take her to see my grandmother's house, which is being sold. So I went to her house, and she had to pick up her son from school, so she drove. We went to gran's, and upon leaving, she got stuck in the yard. It was about an hour's worth of good times. I mean really good times. It took all our cleverness to get her out of there. Being stuck on ice, we looked for anything that could give traction. We had no sand, or salt, so we used ancient moldy bird seed for traction. I had to go all secret agent man into the garage to get ropes and whatnot. Jasmin finally figured out how to rid herself of her car's traction control feature, and out we went.

Ach, best time I've had in a while! Though, Jasmin's poor boy hates me now because I dragged him out into the country and froze his ears off for an hour while we were stuck in my grandma's yard. Also, because I don't know the sum of 3000 and 2224. Apparently, this makes me "unthinkful." Poor boy doesn't realize I'm probably the most thinkful person he knows. 'Twas his mother, after all, that was driving.

But no more time for stories or observations, back to reading, reading, reading. How I loathe you, Russian Revolution!