Monday, December 13, 2004

Damn you Orange Juice.

I can drink gallons of caffeine and it will have no discernable effect on me whatsoever, except perhaps, for a general calming down of my life-long addicted nerves. Even those super-loaded caffeine pills don't do much for me. My mother pretty justifiably freaked out on me once when I was in high school because I downed three of them in sitting to help keep me up while I was trying to write a paper; for all her worries, I nodded off an hour later, only on the second of a required five pages about the history of the American Red Cross.

The only substance I've found with the power to give me any energy whatsoever is Orange Juice. I don't what it is, but a single shot of the orange stuff is more effective at kicking me out the door in the morning than most folks' full pot of coffee.

I made a mistake tonight that's coming back to bite me. I'm feeling pretty generally under the weather, and my dad suggested Vitamin C to pick me up. He figured that I'm probably in the early stages of fighting off a cold or even maybe the flu or something. I've been unusually thirsty lately, probably because the onset of winter has made the air awfully dry, so around eight I had a glass of orange juice.

Bad move. Five hours later I'm still up pacing the halls. I'm actually pacing whilst trolling Blog Explosion. It's ridiculous really. I've gotten up and sat back down three times just while writing this blog. If I see sleep again any time this week, I'll be very grateful indeed.

Did I mention I have to get up early tomorrow?