Friday, November 08, 2002

I think maybe I've been too negative and critical in this blog recently. Therefore, I've decided to list five things that make me happy. In no particular order.

1. Rubbing alcohol. It cleans my glasses; it cleans my monitor; it cleans my very soul. And it smells nice, too. Sweet rubbing alcohol.

2. Ice cubes. They're good and crunchy and they feel nice when you smash a jaw down on them. They produce a satisfying sound when chewed upon. They also keep stuff cold and cold is nice in the summer.

3. Nachos. A near perfect dish. Nachos provide the perfect mix of crunchiness and the need to be dipped to be consumed. If it were possible to blend in the pleasant tearing of flesh sensation one has when eating a steak, nachos would indeed be all I, or anyone I suspect, ever ate.

4. Thanksgiving. The ideal holiday. The combination of gratefulness and stuffing yourself silly is a pleasant one, in my opinion.

5. Noggin. It has Degrassi, 24/7, Daria, Ghostwriter AND Electric Company reruns. I seriously love that station.