Friday, November 08, 2002

Life With a Bipolar Mother:

Mom: You’re an adult now. You don’t need Christmas presents anymore.
Me: You’re an adult. Do you need Christmas presents?
Mom: You only need one present then. Keep it under $20.
Me: Your presents cost more than that. Why should I get less than you?
Mom: You’re so selfish!
Me: Weren’t you just telling me that you were getting a big bonus for Christmas this year?
Mom: I’m saving that money for my funeral. It’s not for you.
Me: So, when faced with a choice between your living daughter’s wellbeing and happiness, and the box that will hold your rotting corpse, you choose the corpse?
Mom: Yes! My money, my funeral! Don’t be so selfish.
Me: Who’s selfish? I’ll probably end up paying for your funeral anyway. Why don’t you have life insurance?
Mom: If I had life insurance one of you would kill me for the money.
Me: Dad has a life insurance policy. Has anybody killed him for the money?
Mom: I’ve thought about it.
Me: What terrifies me is that you probably have.
Dad: You have doubts?
All: ::laughs:: heh heh heh, murder money...