Sunday, December 15, 2002

My mom's buying her parents groceries for Christmas this year. It's hard for them to get out and shop these days, and they hate frivolous gifts, so it seems like a good idea.

But my mom just told me a story about them which cracks me up.

My grandma's only got one tooth left. My grandpa hasn't any. He had a set of false teeth, but he hated to wear them and hardly ever did. My grandma's a neat freak and it drove her crazy to see his false teeth sitting in the cup in the bathroom every day. So one day, she threw them away.

Grandpa went into the bathroom, noted his missing teeth and said, blandly: "Well, goddamn. Woman threw out my teeth."

And, though I don't think it's nearly so funny to write as it is to hear, good Lord it made me laugh.