Saturday, March 29, 2003

I drove just around 200 miles today. I'm kind of sore actually. I beat April at pool a bunch though, which was nice. And I got to eat Mexican food, which is always nice. And I got to have the following fun conversation:

::Phone Rings::

Me: Hello?
April: Hello.
Me: What's up?
April: Are you tired?
Me: A little. Why?
April: What are you wearing?
Me: Umm...why do you ask?
April: Have you switched into your night clothes yet?
Me: My whats? What? No. Why are you asking?
April: I'm just wondering what you're wearing.
Me: But...why?
April: I just want to know if you're in your night clothes, that's all. Tell me what you're wearing.
Me: What? No! Why? Why do you want to know if I'm in my night clothes?
April: Wanted to see if you want to do something tonight.
Me: Oh, well, you could've just asked! Sound like a phone stalker, Chrissakes, ::mock sex voice:: "what are you wearing?...Are you in your night clothes?

Since I'm feeling frisky, by the by. I guess I should tell you, I don't have night clothes. Quiet, you perverts. What I mean is, I always just sleep in my regular clothes because I'm too lazy to change them. And also because, if there was ever a fire or something, I'd just assume have my clothes around. I don't find it uncomfortable, as people seem to think I must, because I'm used to it. I wear comfortable clothes anyway, so it's never a problem. ::theme song plays:: The more you know.